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Frequently Asked Questions

What are mockups?

Mockups are an excellent showcase for any brand or design. They are pre-made image templates that make it easy to insert your content. Add your logo to letterhead, app design to display, message to sign, or outside advertisement. Mockupboi has a large number of transparent mockups as well as actual photos. We are working very hard to get you all the mockups you want.

How to use mockups? How do I add my content?

You can add your content in a few simple steps:

 1. Open the PSD file with Adobe Photoshop CS or the latest version.

 2. Find the layer/object labeled "YOUR LOGO" and double-click it.

 3. A second tab will appear where you can drag and drop your content.

 4. Save and export your design into a JPEG image.

5. Close the Photoshop program.

Can I share your mockups on my website?

Yes, you can use them to display on your website. However, you can also share a link to our website or mockup.

Can I use your mockups on my website for a portfolio?

Of course, As long as you modify our files on your computer and publish them on your website as non-

editable image files (JPG, PNG, GIF, etc.), our mockups have no limitations.

How can I submit your files for print in line with the license?

As long as you save modified files in a non-editable format (JPG, PNG, GIF, etc.), you can distribute them.

You can also attach them to a PDF file (or another file required by the printing house, e.g., eps, indd, etc.).

Remember to ensure the attached files are flattened and not in editable formats.


Can I export a PSD mockup file as a JPG file for my projects?

Of course, yes. We encourage you to use our files to work on your projects.


Why don't you highlight 2D models or use vectors?

We specialize in realistic photo mockups, primarily based on real photos. They are based on a natural image;

you can put your content in the proper context.


Why do people offer free mockups?

Most freelance and website designers offer free mockups to increase their visibility online. These types of

extensions allow advertising to be fantastic!


Which Adobe Photoshop version do I need to use for the mockups?

You will have to use Adobe Photoshop CS or later.



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